Core Activities

Pre- School Teacher Training. (Six Level)

  • The Pre-school Teacher Training (PSTT) is a comprehensive education programme specially designed for kindergarten teachers dealing with underprivileged, rural and community based children. PSTT is the result of years of teaching experience and fieldwork carried out by PGT to cater to the specific needs of pre-school teachers and students in community based situations. PSTT is conducted twice a year by PGT, and has six levels for new, intermediate and advanced participants. Trainers for PSTT include those from teacher’s training colleges, government agencies, ministries of education, welfare and health, and from the private sector.

Specific Workshops.( In depth Micro-teaching.)

  • PGT conducts specialized on-demand workshops in book publication, production of resource materials and other skills to cater to the specific needs of teachers. These workshops are held throughout the year.


Step-In Programme . (Start-up assistance.)IMG_0398

  • On the field PGT coordinators and trainers are available to step in, assist and provide skills support to newly-opened and existing pre-schools to enhance their capacity in managing and operating pre-schools.

Senior Network. (Train the teachers.)

  • A network of dedicated senior and retired PGT teachers provide continuous support by training new trainers and improving teaching methods and standards.

Support ActivitiesDSCN0414

Pre-school Activity Support.

  • PGT assists and supports pre-schools with their activities outside the classroom, including sports days, fund raising events, teacher’s day, concerts, graduations, and other events and celebrations.                     

Parent Support Group            

  • Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s  education through activities and events. PGT also motivates parents and teachers to develop other non-academic aspects of a child’s abilities, talents and skills.

 Resource Centre

  • PGT makes available specially-designed activity books and creative teaching tools for use in classrooms. Teachers are taught to create toys, games and other teaching materials by using recycleable items.  

Human Development & Empowerment.

  • PGT believes that developing knowledge and building self-esteem would enhance the competence and professionalism of teachers. In addition, teachers would also apply their competence at home.

Living Skills Support.

  • Teachers are encouraged to be self-sufficient by creating and producing their own learning materials and handicraft that could also be used to generate income for the pre-school.

Senior Teacher’s Support.

  • Senior and retired teachers contribute their experiences through group sessions, which help enrich and broaden views, leading to more progressive methods of teaching.

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